Legal Service

Legal advice for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

In the context that the current legal system is quite complicated, contradictory, overlapping, inadequate, ambiguous and difficult to understand, it is a great wisdom for business activities of all enterprises.

With a team of professional and experienced lawyers in the field of business and business, ANVI will effectively and pragmatically support businesses and entrepreneurs in grasping, complying as well as applying the law. in the management, operation and investment and business activities, in order to minimize legal risks for enterprises.

We look forward to providing the following 7 legal services for businesses:

  1. Consulting and providing regular information on investment, business, tax and intellectual property laws for businesses;
  2. Consulting on the structure of transactions; negotiating and drafting contracts, transactions and projects; borrowing capital and handling debts of enterprises;
  3. Consulting on building a system of internal regulations and forms of enterprises such as the Charter; Rules; agreement; regulations on finance, salary, reward, operation, etc.;
  4. Consulting, representing, participating in proceedings to protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in cases and cases to settle investment, business, commercial, civil, labor, administrative disputes, criminal at Court, Commercial Arbitration and relevant agencies;
  5. Advising on administrative procedures for the establishment as well as meeting other business and investment licenses and conditions;
  6. Provide teaching, training, training, and legal sharing programs from basic to advanced levels for managers, employees and employees of enterprises;
  7. Provide independent Board member services and corporate restructuring.

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