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Privacy Policy


ANVI understands that when accessing and using the ANVI website, you are always concerned for and consider the issue of security for your personal information. With its best diligence, ANVI will protect your personal information in compliance with the provisions of the Vietnamese law.

Security policies

The information that ANVI requests you to provide is to help ANVI better understand your needs so as to provide you appropriate products and services; ANVI has the right of legal use of your provided information via this Website to conduct other activities of ANVI.

ANVI will not disclose your information to any individual or organization unless obtaining your consent or as prescribed by law.

In specific cases, ANVI may have to provide your information to the state competent authority under the regulations of the Law, however, ANVI ensure that such provision is made in accordance with the law.

The access to your information by ANVI, its employees and / or other authorized individuals has to comply with security regulations of ANVI.

Security protection methods

ANVI will exercise all methods of most appropriate protection and safety to protect your personal information and always abide by the law of Vietnam relating to the storage and use of information.

Collection of personal information

Your visit to this Website may be recorded for the purpose of data analysis of site’s visitors and general usage patterns. Through this collection, we’re aiming to provide you with an improved, more personalized service and a more effective website.

Some of the information of site’s visitors will be gathered through the use of “cookies”. (Cookies are small bits of information that are automatically stored on a person’s web browser in their computer that can be retrieved by this site.) If you want to disable these cookies, you may do so by changing the setting on your browser. However, you will be unable to enter certain part(s) of ANVI Web.

ANVI may collect information from your visits to this site to advise you on products, services and other marketing materials, which we think, may be of interest and demand to you. We may also invite visitors to this site to participate in market research and surveys and other similar activities.

Guidance of privacy

To ensure safety of transactions, free of fraud, you yourself and ANVI plays an important role in protecting your personal information. Please take appropriate precaution in the use and protection of account information by not sharing, providing or facilitating others to access, to use your User name and / or Password, etc./.

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