Corporate Lawyer Services

With our practical experience in the business environment of Vietnam, ANVI has researched and developed more than 50 groups of legal services for business, such as corporate governance consultancy, restructuring business consultancy, corporate finance management consultancy, labor management consultancy, internal regulation and business process consultancy, irregular problem consultancy, deal consultancy and other legal services.

ANVI provides comprehensive legal services that meet the demand for business activities in Vietnam. Moreover,  ANVI has diverse customer base from large corporations, banks, securities company and small and medium enterprises.

With extensive experience and knowledge in the area of law and business, ANVI is a trusted partner of many leading businesses and investors in Vietnam.

Some remarkable projects are introduced to recognize our added value for customers:

–  Restructuring project consultancy for Son Ha International Company (Son Ha Group) in 2012;

–  Project on constructing the development strategy until 2017, vision strategy until 2022 for Institute of Design, Vietnam Ministry of Defense (DCCD);

–  Consultancy project on institutionalizing executive administration for Dan Chu Tourist and Trade Joint Stock Company (owner of 5 star Hotel de L’Opera Ha Noi);

–  Consultancy project on restructuring to concretize and finalize institutional administration mechanism for VINA Payment Network Joint Stock Company (PAYNET);

–  Consultancy project on instituting administration for CIMB-Vinashin Securities Limited Company (CIMB-Vinashin);

–  Consultancy project on the debt restructuring for Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines);

–  Consultancy project on managing reasonable and legitimate labor cost for Tay Ninh Industrial Park Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company (IDECO);

–  Consultancy project for SPN Investment Corp about syndicated loan transaction to meet the demand for investing resort project;

–  Consulting on transferring stake transaction for National Citizen Commercial Joint Stock Bank at Golden Global Trading Company Limited;

–  Consulting on issuing bonds of Dat Xanh Group

–  Etc


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