Legal Service

Legal advice for Individuals & Households

In the context that the current legal system is quite complicated, contradictory, overlapping, inadequate, ambiguous and difficult to understand, it is a great wisdom for the civil and business life of all individuals and business households. business.

With a team of professional and experienced lawyers in many legal fields, ANVI will effectively and pragmatically support individuals and businesses in grasping, complying and applying the law. in social life and investment and business activities, in order to minimize legal risks for clients.

We hope to provide the following 4 legal services to individuals and business households:

  1. Consulting and answering legal issues arising in the fields of life, society, land business, construction, civil (marriage, family, inheritance), labor, business, commercial, financial, banking, administrative, criminal, etc…;
  2. Consulting, implementing administrative procedures on land, inheritance, notarization, loan, business, income tax, etc.;
  3. Consulting, representing and acting as a lawyer to protect the legitimate rights and interests of individuals in civil, labor, administrative, business and commercial disputes settlement cases at Court, Commercial Arbitration;
  4. Acting as lawyers or representatives to defend and protect the legitimate rights and interests of individuals in criminal cases at investigation, prosecution, trial and judgment enforcement agencies;
  5. Provide training and legal sharing classes from basic to advanced for individuals and households.

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